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Festivals of Roorkee

(1.) CONFLUENCE: CONFLUENCE, the foreign student’s day at IIT Roorkee is celebrated each year . It’s virtually a confluence of the multi-dimensional and rich cultures of Afro-Asian and Latin American countries vivified through songs and folk dances by the foreign students studying in IIT Roorkee. There are about 150 seats in different disciplines of engineering and technology, applied sciences, management and social sciences in IIT Roorkee for a number of countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Middle East countries, Venezuela, Magnolia, Uzbekistan, African countries etc. The CONFLUENCE, which is held every year, is dedicated to the memory of the great educationist and first education minister of the country, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. The cultural items presented by the foreign students have themes like romantic love and love of the country. Though the foreign students sing in alien languages, their songs find their way into the responsive hearts of the listeners who fully grasp their meaning, though they don’t understand the language. The aim of organizing this event every year is to build bridges of understanding and promote cultural integration by bringing the students of different countries in touch with what is best in the cultures and traditions of these countries.

(2.) COGNIZANCE: Cognizance – is the mega techno-festival of IIT Roorkee, organized each year around March. A number of students of technical institutes and universities from all over the country participate in the mega event. The main attractions of the festival include paper presentation by renowned scholars, guest lectures by eminent personalities from corporate houses, debates, quiz competitions, etc.

(3.) SHRISHTI: The Annual All India Techno – Hobby Festival / Annual Exhibition is organised by Hobbies Club, IIT Roorkee. It includes the sections related to hobbies/ interests from different walks of life viz.: Philately & Numismatics, Gardening, Star Gazing (Space Sciences), Web Designing, Model Section, RANGOLI, Photography, Fine Arts etc. It attracts students from all over India and also public in both Members and Guest Categories.

(4.) THOMSO: Thomso – the annual festival of Youths at IIT Roorkee attracts students from all over India, especially from Engg. Colleges/Universities. Its celebrated in the memory of JAMES THOMASON (The man behind the Thomason College of Civil Engg. – Later upgraded to Thomason College of Engg. – Roorkee College – University of Roorkee – and Finally the 7th and Youngest IIT of the nation with longest history.). The Thomsonians – as the University of Roorkee students have been designated in past (Though they are treated as IITians now a days – they are still Thomsonians by spirit!!!) invite students from All over India in this Youth festival.

(5.) INTER IIT – GAMES: On a rotation basis IIT Roorkee organises Annual Inter IIT Games (Rotation Process: IIT Delhi, Madras/ Chennai, Bombay/ Mumbai, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Guwahati and Roorkee).

(6.) TAYA JI MEMORIAL ANNUAL VOLLEY BALL TOURNAMENT: This national level annual volley ball tournament is organised sometime around Feburary – March by the organising committee and attracts fine national teams from Railways, ONGC, State Police Departments and various other national/ state level organisations.

(7.) PUSHPANJALI: The Annual Flower Show of Bengal Engineering Group & Centre (BEG & C) is celebrated in Bi – Centenary Grounds in Roorkee Cantt. (Around Jan./Feb.)

(8.) Flower Show, NIH: National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) organises annual flower show sometime in winter/early summer.

(9.) Flower Show, CBRI: Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee organises annual flower show sometime in winter/ early summer.

(10.) Flower Show, IIT Roorkee: Indian Institute of Technology also organises its flower shows through (a.) Hobbies Club, IIT Roorkee All India Hobbies Festival / Exhibition (Gardening Section) and (b.) Afro Asian Hostel.

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