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The whole Cantonment Board divided into 2 sectors. One in Civil area and another is Military area. Each sector is being looked after by a Sanitary Supdt. and Sanitary Inspector. The total No of safaiwala is 104 on Permanent basis and 20 Safai wala on contractual basis. The Cantonment Board Roorkee is having 3 close top tipper and 2 tipper and 01 cesspool emptier for collection of sewage waste for removal of rubbish etc. and one tractor for multi-purpose work like as leave the water tanker. 

The Board maintains :-

(a) 01 group toilets (Flush type).

(b) 02 Public Urinals.

(c) 01 Slaughter house.

(d) 01 Cattle pound.

(e) Total No. of employees engaged for Sanitation purpose 95.

(f) Automatic Vehicle for garbage disposal has been purchased.

(g) 01 Cesspool emptier.